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Through our DEI strategy we want to 'champion and embody the benefits of a globally diverse and inclusive profession'. On international pride day our members, volunteers, employers and IFoA staff come together to discuss how we are driving forward change, supporting LGBTQ+ employees and members and helping to create inclusive spaces.
Disaster Plan
Joanne Meusz (Government Actuary’s Department), looks at the role that actuaries, working with others, can play in addressing some of the world’s biggest challenges.
Good actuarial reports during writing
With sufficient planning and preparation, the writing process should now flow relatively easily. At this stage, less is generally more - except when it comes to emphasis, stories and visual depiction. 
Good Actuarial Reports
The next blog in the series of Good Actuarial Reports sets out what can be done while undertaking the analysis to ensure that your user needs will be met and can be communicated appropriately in your report. 
Actuarial Reporting
In the 2nd blog on Actuarial Reports, we look at the four key elements of the planning process for any project, and how writing a good report should be viewed as the communication of the project undertaken (covering the assumptions made, the methodology used and the results obtained) not as an extra work-stream of the project.
GRT Blog one year on
It is now a year since we had the excitement of the launch event for the Great Risk Transfer (GRT) recommendations report, so it’s a good time to look back at what we have achieved so far and the challenges ahead