Actuaries from South-East Asia: Chong Wan Leng

Petronas Towers, Malaysia, lit with yellow light

As part of our global series, we caught up with Wan Leng Chong, based in Malaysia, to find out more about her journey to becoming an actuary.


Why did you decide to join the actuarial profession?

I was led to believe that actuaries were paid very well! I was good at numerical subjects in school, so I thought it would be a breeze (spoiler: it wasn’t) to further my studies in actuarial science. It seemed natural to join the actuarial profession when I graduated with an actuarial degree.


What do you enjoy in your role?

Making sense of financial data that comes through business operations, and to observe how it is affected by economic conditions and human behaviour, is fascinating! I also enjoy dabbling in formulating company strategies occasionally.

Being in a regional role enables me to have exposure to different markets, while being close to family


What are the highlights in your career?

Being selected by IFoA to contribute my story!

After celebrating my 6th work anniversary, I took up a Head of Actuarial role and became the youngest member of senior management in the company. I still am the youngest senior management team member in my current company!

What advice would you give to students who are just about to embark on their career as an actuary?

Keep an open mind, be persistent, and learn to speak up!


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