Actuaries from South-East Asia: Kyaw Lwin Myint

Yangoon Skyline

As part of our global series, we caught up with Kyaw Lwin Myint, based in Myanmar, to find out more about his journey to becoming an actuary.


Why did you decide to join the actuarial profession?

To be an actuary I need consistent dedication and long-term vision. I like challenging myself, and I really admire that being an actuary need to acquire knowledge not only related to applied maths (the primary reason that we all choose to be an actuary) but also the business, finance, and economic related matters. Which makes the actuarial profession so interesting and keep me motivated to proceed within the actuarial career.


What do you enjoy in your role?

I am experiencing the greatest development by far in Myanmar Insurance Industry in terms of data, life insurance products, competition, technology and regulatory.


What are the highlights in your career?

I got a chance to work with great actuaries and am able to apply the experience gained from them in the day to day workplace.


What advice would you give to students who are just about to embark on their career as an actuary?

I advise, as an analyst, don’t forget the following everyday keywords- Valuation, Reserving, Pricing, Excel, VBA, R Language, Python, Power BI, SQL


Any motivational quotes?

“Keep your Eyes Open and Do the Math”

And Make sure you keep in touch with the community in case you think you’re walking alone.


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