Pride 2022: Together we can effect change

IFoA Logo over Pride Flag

Through our DEI strategy we want to 'champion and embody the benefits of a globally diverse and inclusive profession'.

On international pride day our members, volunteers, employers and IFoA staff come together to discuss how we are driving forward change, supporting LGBTQ+ employees and members and helping to create inclusive spaces.



“To deliver a truly inclusive and diverse profession, the IFoA, along with our members, volunteers, and employers, will all need to work together, as only together will we be able to effect the change we want to see. Pride Month and International Pride Day provide us all with an opportunity to reflect on how far we have come but also to challenge ourselves on the work still to be done. We know that the IFoA alone cannot create a diverse and inclusive profession, which is why we value the strong relationships and collaboration we have with our members and partners as we continue on this journey together”

Stephen Mann, IFoA CEO



“WTW promotes a supportive, respectful and inclusive working environment for colleagues across the diverse spectrum of sexual orientation and gender identity. One of the ways we do this is by celebrating Pride Month globally every June.

This year, our theme ‘Raising the Flag for LGBT+ Pride’ helped us visibly show our support through vibrant digital and physical displays including our new Pride logo incorporating the colours of all identities and orientations. Our global video featured colleagues from all over the world sharing how they were raising their flags this Pride Month and we’ve hosted a wide variety of events and seen many of our colleagues able to take part once again in Pride parades.

Having senior leadership support is critical to creating our inclusive culture. We are proud that our CEO, Carl Hess participated in this year’s global Pride webinar for all colleagues to discuss being parents of LGBT+ children, LGBT+ parents and children of LGBT+ parents alongside Suzanne McAndrew, our global LGBT+ Executive Sponsor where our key takeaway was “It's all about the soul and not the wrapper”.

Our support for LGBT+ colleagues isn’t limited to Pride month and throughout the year we seek to engage our LGBT+ colleagues, strengthen their affiliation with the company and facilitate the development of relationships with LGBT+ members of the communities in which we work and live through our partnerships with myGwork, Stonewall and other leading LGBT+ organizations”.

Julie Coles, Global Inclusion and Diversity Program Manager, WTW



“As an out gay man and actuary I am passionate about DE&I and improving the experiences of LGBTQ+ members and other minority groups in my firm and our profession. I currently lead the DE&I initiatives across our UK actuarial teams and am super excited to work with and support the IFoA on their DE&I journey following the release of their refreshed strategy. Pride Month and International Pride Day are fantastic opportunities for our members to be authentic and for us to celebrate our diversity in an inclusive and fun way. I like the saying “if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together”, so it’s up to each of us to think diversly, be inclusive and equitable and together we can go far.” 

Christopher Cullen, Actuarial Senior Manager, EY



It is really important to me to work at an organisation where I can bring my whole self to work without the fear of prejudice or unconscious bias. The IFoA has worked hard to create this environment and most importantly recognises that there is always more that it can do.

However, this is not the case for every employer, which is why Pride Month is so important. It is important that we shine a light for those not so fortunate and celebrate all the great things that diversity brings. I have really enjoyed talking to the employers of our members about the IFoA’s DEI strategy, it is great to see the commitment and enthusiasm from everyone to work together to bring about the changes we want to see.” 

Toby Moseley, Global Partnerships Lead, IFoA




“Pride is a moment in the year when business can show a clear commitment towards LGBT progress at work and across society. But it is not just a moment in time. Employees, customers and investors are all looking for long term commitments to delivering real change”

Iain Anderson, Executive Chairman of Cicero/amo and the UK Government’s Former LGBT Business Champion 




You might also like to read a personal blog recently produced by one of our IFoA Council members, Nick Spencer, in support of the LGBTQ+ community during Pride month.


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