Supporting the IFoA Foundation’s work is a great way to give back this Christmas

IFoA Foundation - December 2021

The IFoA Foundation is the dedicated charitable arm of the IFoA and is hoping to raise funds this festive season to support the ongoing delivery of the Foundation’s ambitious three-year plan. This includes a grant programme that supports actuarial students across the globe who need financial assistance to complete their studies.

Moez Abeidi

Through the Education Grant programme, students like Moez Abeidi can request additional financial support during their studies to cover the costs of the IFoA examination and membership fees and some support towards the cost of attending university. Without this support, the journey towards IFoA qualification for many students is simply out of reach, with limited access into the profession for young actuaries who are from less advantaged backgrounds.

Having passed through a rigorous selection process, Moez, who left war-torn Libya in 2014, is now studying at the University of Warwick, was awarded a grant earlier this year to help fund his actuarial studies. “This funding is a big help and motivation to become a successful actuary. The IFoA Foundation was very supportive throughout my application process, and I am very grateful for all their help.” Read Moez’s full story in this article from The Actuary

The Foundation’s three-year impact targets will only be met with the support of the actuarial community, including IFoA members and organisations who are linked to the profession. Supporters will be passionate about giving something back, and will enable the Foundation to meet the many requests for support that we expect to receive over the coming year from young actuaries like Moez who are in financial need.

Louise Pryor, President of the IFoA is keen to encourage fellow actuaries to embrace the IFoA Foundation’s mission of “Actuaries Supporting Others” this festive season, and to consider the Foundation as a charity of choice in the coming weeks. “The IFoA Foundation’s vision to open every door for the next generation of actuaries is being achieved thanks to the positive impact of the various scholarship funds and education grants available in the UK and internationally. Continued work is needed to make the profession more diverse and inclusive. We must level the playing field, so to speak, to allow even more talented candidates to be able to access the education and development we provide as entry points to the actuarial profession. Thanks to funds such as the Education Grant for students in financial hardship, the Foundation is offering more routes into the IFoA and helping to achieve a welcoming and inclusive workforce. I would encourage my actuarial peers and colleagues both here in the UK and from across the globe to consider how you can make a difference by supporting and inspiring the next generation, and choosing the IFoA Foundation to give back to our profession this year.”                                                       

Kartina Tahir Thomson, Chair of Trustees of the IFoA Foundation would like the actuarial community to rally together to support the beneficiaries of the IFoA Foundation grants. "We can really make a difference to the life of someone like Moez by contributing to the IFoA Foundation this Christmas. For example, a generous donation of £208 could help to pay the IFoA admission fee and a year's membership subscription entrance fee for a student in financial hardship. A gift like this really could make all the difference to the future career of an aspiring actuary, and we would really appreciate the support of the community to widen our scope of support.”

To make a donation, please visit the IFoA Foundation webpages or contact

The IFoA Foundation wishes all our supporters and beneficiaries across the globe a happy and healthy festive season, and all the best for 2022.