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Good actuarial reports during writing
With sufficient planning and preparation, the writing process should now flow relatively easily. At this stage, less is generally more - except when it comes to emphasis, stories and visual depiction. 
Good Actuarial Reports
The next blog in the series of Good Actuarial Reports sets out what can be done while undertaking the analysis to ensure that your user needs will be met and can be communicated appropriately in your report. 
Actuarial Reporting
In the 2nd blog on Actuarial Reports, we look at the four key elements of the planning process for any project, and how writing a good report should be viewed as the communication of the project undertaken (covering the assumptions made, the methodology used and the results obtained) not as an extra work-stream of the project.
Actuarial Reports 01
Actuarial papers can have many different tasks and a range of stakeholders. Before you wade into the report and try your best to keep everyone happy all the time, it can be helpful to step back and try to articulate why and how your report is complicated.
The Good Actuarial Report Working Party has spent several years reflecting on and discussing how to make reports better. In our first blog in this series, we outline our proposed process and review what top-level questions need to be addressed.