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James Fisher, with inputs from within the COVID-19 workstream, discusses the potential drawbacks of using economic growth as the primary lens through which government policy decisions are made.
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Rahul Kapur is a student member of the IFoA working for E&Y in Delhi, India. He believes that Impact Investing provides a win-win for investors and society and that it’s worth a closer look by the actuarial profession. In this article, the first of a 3-part series, Rahul introduces Impact Investing and explains how historical returns are higher than you might think.
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IFoA’s COVID-19 Action Taskforce (ICAT) Financial Reporting Group (FRG) with input from within the COVID-19 workstream, provides initial observations considering the topic of Covid-19 reporting implications for actuaries working on insurance companies/pension plans.
Alan Marshall, Review Actuary in the IFoA Actuarial Review Team, talks about the success of the first Thematic Review Report and looks ahead to the next reviews being planned.