Finance and investment

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A Portfolio Manager is responsible for investing money on behalf of clients. My team’s focus is on Cashflow Driven Investing (CDI), which is the concept of investing in portfolios of assets that behave like pension scheme liabilities, thereby reducing risk and ensuring the asset portfolios generate the cashflows needed to pay pensions.
In the context of an asset manager and in simple terms, business development is about winning new clients and developing mandates with existing clients.  (It is a fancy way of calling it sales!)  It involves understanding the marketplace of asset owners (e.g. pension schemes) and what investment objectives they may be working towards.
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Rahul Kapur is a student member of the IFoA working for E&Y in Delhi, India. He believes that Impact Investing provides a win-win for investors and society and that it’s worth a closer look by the actuarial profession. In this article, the first of a 3-part series, Rahul introduces Impact Investing and explains how historical returns are higher than you might think.
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In the seventh of our series on the work of the IFoA’s volunteer-led Practice Boards, Dick Rae, Chair of the IFoA’s Finance and Investment Board, looks at how the Board are honing their outputs to reach and help members working in this area.