The Good Actuarial Report Working Party has spent several years reflecting on and discussing how to make reports better. In our first blog in this series, we outline our proposed process and review what top-level questions need to be addressed.
Mental Health: disrupting the vicious circle
Compared with other features of insurance underwriting, mental health is inadequately understood.  It is a multifaceted and emotive topic that will require the combination of understanding, experience, and open collaboration to help millions of people.  In this blog, Jon Loach sheds a little light on the work of the IFoA’s Mental Health Working Party.

The life of an actuary is seen as relatively straightforward with the main career path for many in the insurance or finance industries. As the world changes and technology swiftly ...

In this blog, Khushil Modi talks about his experience on work and study balance, including his tips on how best to prepare for any upcoming exams.