Global communication
In advance of the IFoA webinar, 'Finance in the Public Interest: A Just Transition – Why it matters and how investors can enable it?' Chair of the discussion panel, Sandy Trust (Chair of the IFoA Sustainability Board) expands on the need for global collaboration in order to achieve net-zero.
Actuaries and Climate Change
In his latest blog, Paul Walsh discusses future global risks, in particular around the impact of climate change, that we, as actuaries, should be thinking about, preparing for, and mitigating as far as possible, right now.
Nick Spencer at the Environmental Audit Committee
IFoA Council member Nick Spencer gave evidence yesterday on behalf of the IFoA today to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Select Committee on their inquiry into how to align the UK’s economic goals with environmental sustainability. The committee considered alternatives to GDP, looking at how including natural and social capital might impact government, private firms, and financial institutions.
Climate Justice
Those most at risk from the impacts of climate change often have the least influence over its causes. This stark reality was the central point of discussion in our Road to Glasgow webinar, 'Climate Justice and Future Generations', where the panel explored intergeneric fairness in climate policies as well as how young people can be given a more prominent voice in climate politics.