Celebrating the 90th Birthday of David Wilkie

Celebrating the 90th Birthday of David Wilkie The IFoA were proud to support the School for Business and Society at York University in celebrating David Wilkie’s 90th birthday and recognising his extraordinary contribution to actuarial science over many decades.

David is one of the world’s foremost research actuaries and his contributions to the profession are vast. For many, David is best known internationally for the Wilkie model, a stochastic investment model for long-term actuarial applications developed in a series of papers beginning in 1986.

Many of our members will have used the Wilkie model, which provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of actuarial science. When the model was first used, it was seen as pioneering in applying advanced mathematical techniques to address complex financial challenges in the insurance and pensions industry.

David’s contribution to the IFoA over the decades includes participating in and chairing many boards and committees and publishing over 100 papers which he has either authored or been involved with. The IFoA has had very few members as prolific in terms of their volunteering and output as David.

Today’s IFoA members continue to benefit from another of David’s legacies – the British Actuarial Journal. David helped establish the BAJ and it continues to be an important way for members to keep up to speed on the latest actuarial papers as they are published.

We are delighted that another one of the IFoA’s journals – the Annals of Actuarial Science – will be running a special edition in 2025 to celebrate David’s career. The edition will feature new research papers on major topics that David has previously written about. If you want to contribute to this edition the deadline for submissions is September.

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David Wilkie
David Wilkie