The Good Actuarial Report Working Party has spent several years reflecting on and discussing how to make reports better. In our first blog in this series, we outline our proposed process and review what top-level questions need to be addressed.
Frank Redington in front of data sheet
Author of 'History of British Actuarial Thought', Craig Turnbull, discusses his forthcoming webinar, Frank Redington: The Man and His Ideas that reflects on how the contributions of Frank Redington may provide fresh insight for modern actuarial work, and how, with some trepidation, he prepared for his talk.
Climate Justice
Those most at risk from the impacts of climate change often have the least influence over its causes. This stark reality was the central point of discussion in our Road to Glasgow webinar, 'Climate Justice and Future Generations', where the panel explored intergeneric fairness in climate policies as well as how young people can be given a more prominent voice in climate politics.
Mental Health: disrupting the vicious circle
Compared with other features of insurance underwriting, mental health is inadequately understood.  It is a multifaceted and emotive topic that will require the combination of understanding, experience, and open collaboration to help millions of people.  In this blog, Jon Loach sheds a little light on the work of the IFoA’s Mental Health Working Party.
Pensions in the pandemic
The Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) Self-administered Pension Schemes (SAPS) Committee has published its latest annual analysis of the mortality experience of pension scheme members. This covers the period 2013-2020, so is the first to include experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. This blog briefly summarises key points from the analysis.