IFoA Conference 2022
The Covid-19 Actuaries Response Group (ARG) was born over the weekend of 7-8 March 2020. The Friday Report has been one of the Group's key outputs throughout the pandemic. This blog looks at the themes that emerged in the Friday Report, ahead of the Friday Report editorial team's session at the IFoA Conference 2022.
Global communication
In advance of the IFoA webinar, 'Finance in the Public Interest: A Just Transition – Why it matters and how investors can enable it?' Chair of the discussion panel, Sandy Trust (Chair of the IFoA Sustainability Board) expands on the need for global collaboration in order to achieve net-zero.
The Great Risk Transfer
Imagine a world in which there was nothing to prompt the IFoA to initiate our ‘Great Risk Transfer’ campaign.  This is not a Utopian John Lennon ‘Imagine’ – much more modest than that. But let’s dip a toe into this imaginary world (at an unknown date in the fairly near future) – what might it look like?
Data passing through computer screen
Jamie Funnell (of Pension Insurance Corporation), Chair of the CMI Annuities Committee, sets out the key findings of our analysis of the mortality experience of pension annuities in payment through 2020 and the first half of 2021.