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Most would be forgiven for not quite making it through all 232 pages of the UK Government’s White Paper on ‘Restoring Trust in Audit and Corporate Governance’ - but those who persevered to pages 198 to 205 will have seen that, in addition to a new regulatory system proposed for the audit and accounting professions, there are changes planned for the way in which UK actuaries will be regulated, blogs Emma Gilpin.
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Actuary and neurodiversity consultant, Alicja Nocon, shares her personal experience of working as an actuary on the autism spectrum as part of our series of blogs on neurodiversity in the profession.
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A Portfolio Manager is responsible for investing money on behalf of clients. My team’s focus is on Cashflow Driven Investing (CDI), which is the concept of investing in portfolios of assets that behave like pension scheme liabilities, thereby reducing risk and ensuring the asset portfolios generate the cashflows needed to pay pensions.