7 days / 7 volunteer stories: Helena Ingram

7 days / 7 volunteer stories: Helena Ingram We’re celebrating Volunteers’ Week 2024 with a new story to mark each day. Helena Ingram’s interview is the final in the series, with advice on becoming a volunteer.

Tell me about the people you work with as a volunteer

One of the most exciting aspects of volunteering is the diversity of the individuals you get to work with. Through volunteering you gain access to perspectives from people at different firms and with different specialisations. And you also interact with people who aren't in the actuarial profession at all. Each of us has learnt a lot from the different styles and approaches we bring to a task.

What advice do you have for new volunteers?

Everyone worries about time, but I think you need to look at both sides. It's not only what you can give, but also what you can learn. My view on time is if it's something that's important to you, if you think it's going to move you forward personally or professionally, then you find the time to do it. It's just a matter of prioritisation. I know that's hard, and we've all got different calls at different stages of our careers and lives, but if it's if it's something that's delivering value to you and to others, I think we generally manage to fit it in.

Do your research but have a go. Explore what's available and talk to a volunteer- see what their experience has been like, what their advice is. If you're stepping into a new area, it's quite natural to wonder am I the right fit, to maybe have a sense of imposter syndrome. And I worried about it when I stepped into the Regulatory Appointments Committee role. But there's a lot of support and certainly my experience has been yes, I can be helpful in the role and yes, I do feel like a fully contributing member of the team.

Helena is an executive coach and people development specialist with a passion for lifelong learning.  She volunteers with the IFoA on its Regulatory Appointments Committee, Diversity Action Group, and Vision Skills Mindsets and Domains Committee.

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