Recognising extraordinary colleagues – a call for nominations

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IFoA President, Dr Louise Pryor, calls on members to help the IFoA to recognise those who have influenced and championed the actuarial world during an unexpected period of history.

Our recent Impact Report shows that over the last year our members and executive have increasingly confirmed the IFoA as a trusted source of expertise that policymakers and external stakeholders can turn to in uncertain times.

This demonstrates that business and government are valuing the actuarial skillset and supports the IFoA’s purpose of ‘being the voice of actuaries’.

We should take pride in these achievements, and we should all be active in furthering the impact we collectively have on the world. In particular, recognising our colleagues outside the profession who are positively influencing the actuarial world is hugely important because growing the IFoA’s network helps to enhance the influence we can exert.

Which brings me to the Honorary Fellowship programme.

The IFoA is seeking potential nominees for election as Honorary Fellows. They should be non-members whose work has benefited the profession; we are especially keen to honour those who already have an active and ongoing involvement with the IFoA.

The IFoA is also looking for potential medal recipients. The IFoA awards two medals to members who have demonstrated extraordinary achievements within the profession Gold and Finlaison Medals.

The IFoA Gold Medal particularly recognises research and thought leadership achievements in the field of actuarial science, while the IFoA Finlaison Medal recognises service to the actuarial profession in fulfilling the responsibilities laid out in the Royal Charter, beyond that which would normally be expected of an ordinary member.

All nominations require a proposer and seconder from within the IFoA membership. They are then considered for approval by the IFoA’s Council.

If you know any potential nominees, do please consider making a nomination.

Further information, including the nominations form, can be found on the Honorary Fellows webpage and you can submit nominations for potential medallists through an online form on the medals webpage.

Although nominations for both Honorary Fellows and medal awards may be made at any time, they are considered by Council every couple of years. To make sure your nominations are considered this time around, please submit them by 15 December.

In this extraordinary period in global history, you may well know of someone who has influenced the actuarial world, whether a leading figure from outside the actuarial profession, a scholar whose studies have furthered actuarial science, or a colleague who has been a champion of the profession during dark times. So please nominate them for appropriate recognition!