New IFoA actuarial careers event showcases an industry on the rise

New IFoA actuarial careers event showcases an industry on the rise Richard Scott, IFoA Head of UK, Europe and Employers, celebrates the successful launch of the IFoA’s first ever student actuarial careers showcase, More than Just Maths.

We were delighted to welcome over 50 first and second-year students to our first ever actuarial careers showcase in June.

The event was part of our flagship IFoA Conference and brought together students studying maths-based degrees across the UK and Ireland, and representatives from nine of the largest actuarial employers.

Students met with top actuarial employers to learn more about a wide range of actuarial careers, graduate scheme opportunities, and how to stand out when applying for a graduate role.

The actuarial careers showcase featured structured networking sessions, informative presentations, and interactive discussions. It enabled employers to showcase the range of actuarial science career paths and the growing demand for actuaries across various sectors.

Employers valued the opportunity to encourage students from a diverse range of backgrounds into the actuarial profession. Andy Rogan, Interim Head of Commercial and Capital for Verona and Thread, Lloyds Banking Group, emphasised how IFoA careers events support graduate recruitment: “The IFoA’s actuarial careers showcase is an important, engaging and innovative way of attracting high quality graduates to our profession, and is a privilege to support.”.

Facilitated networking with employers connected students to potential internship, placement, and future employment opportunities. Yidan Zhang, a second-year student at University of Bath, appreciated the chance to connect with employers and fellow students with an interest in actuarial science: “The event was a fantastic opportunity to connect with a diverse group of individuals and employers.”.

We were proud to provide a new platform for the IFoA and the actuarial industry to partner and support the next generation of actuarial talent. The IFoA and the actuarial industry are committed to empowering students and shaping the future of the actuarial profession. Our actuarial careers events showcase an industry on an upward trajectory, driven by the enthusiasm and determination of aspiring actuaries.

If you are an actuarial employer and would like to be involved in future actuarial careers showcase events, please contact our dedicated employer team who will be happy to help you. You can email them at employers@actuaries.org.uk.

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