The IFoA’s new Professional and Regulatory Support Helpdesk

The IFoA’s new Professional and Regulatory Support Helpdesk We’ve launched our new Professional and Regulatory Support Helpdesk, which replaces the Professional Support Service. Here we set out what it does, what’s new, and how members can use it.

The Professional and Regulatory Support Helpdesk (the Helpdesk) provides IFoA members with a refreshed support service that offers a free and confidential space to ask questions on the application of professional and technical standards.

What does the Helpdesk do?

The Helpdesk is supported by the IFoA’s Regulatory Policy Team along with our experienced panel members. They specialise in pensions, life insurance, general insurance, and professionalism. Guidance can be provided by the Helpdesk on:

  • ethical dilemmas relating to your work
  • the interpretation of the Actuaries’ Code
  • Actuarial Profession Standards
  • Technical Actuarial Standards published by the Financial Reporting Council*

*As the TASs are set by the FRC, the Helpdesk offers the views of experienced practitioners on these standards. The Helpdesk does not represent the views of the FRC.

To find out more about how the Helpdesk works and submit a query, please login to the members’ area.

What is new?

The Helpdesk replaces the Professional Support Service and offers a more accessible and efficient process for members. If you are an IFoA member, you can now:

  • call 0131 240 1313 to speak directly to a member of the IFoA’s regulatory team
  • login to the members’ area of the IFoA website where you can view a dedicated Helpdesk section with information on the support available and an online form to submit more detailed queries
  • choose how you would like to receive a response to your enquiry

The process between the enquirer and panel members remains anonymous, ensuring confidentiality at all times.

Feedback from users

Past users of the Professional Support Service valued the service. When asked ‘how useful did they find the service?’ 21% found the service useful and 79% found it very useful.

Here’s what past users had to say about the service:

“Many thanks for sharing the IFoA’s opinion on my enquiry. We really appreciate this. It also improves our company way of thinking or handling on the matter...” – IFoA member

“We convey our thanks to the IFoA’s Professional Support Service for their timely support and guidance.” – IFoA member

“…thanks to the panel, for the quick and helpful response, it is appreciated.” – IFoA member

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