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As part of our series of blogs on neurodiversity in the actuarial profession, we are pleased to share the experience of an actuary who prefers not to disclose their autism.
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Jessica Huff FIA CERA, senior credit underwriting analyst at Klarna, shares her experience of managing an actuarial career with dyslexia as part of our series of blogs on neurodiversity in the profession.
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In this blog two members and a lay volunteer tell us about their involvement in various disciplinary functions, their reasons for wanting to be involved, and how they feel they have benefited both personally and professionally.
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Most would be forgiven for not quite making it through all 232 pages of the UK Government’s White Paper on ‘Restoring Trust in Audit and Corporate Governance’ - but those who persevered to pages 198 to 205 will have seen that, in addition to a new regulatory system proposed for the audit and accounting professions, there are changes planned for the way in which UK actuaries will be regulated, blogs Emma Gilpin.